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Balsa USA Northstar
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Kit No. 455 Northstar
Flying Boat Seaplane

Designed by Laddie Mikulasko, the Northstar is no ordinary float plane! The Northstar accelerates quickly on the water and lands slow and easy. Because of it design it will handle rough water better that any other model.

Attach the included landing gear and fly it off land as well. In fact, it can be flown as is right off the snow if you are so inclined! Once in the air, you will be surprised at how stable the model is and its speed. Fast and groovy, the Northstar just could become one of your favorite airplanes. The model can do any maneuver a conventional model can do - except spin. It will also do one maneuver that conventional models can't do - a controlled vertical descent!

The large delta wing plan form is very stable, yet is quick and agile.


  • Wing Span: 44 inches
  • Wing Area: 750 sq. in.
  • Wing Loading: 20-22 oz./sq. ft.
  • Flying Weight: 6-1/2 to 7 lbs.
  • Fuselage Length: 54 inches
  • Engine Size: .40-.46 2-Stroke

Kit Features

  • Full Size Rolled Plans & Instructions
  • Jig & die cut parts
  • Pre-bent Wire Landing Gear
  • Basic Hardware Package
  • One Piecemodel that doesn't disassemble
  • ABS Plastic Cowl
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