T8FB 2.4GHz 8-Channel Transmitter with 2x R8EF Receivers

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T8FB 2.4GHz 8-Channel Transmitter with 2x R8EF Receivers
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An easy to use, 8-channel, 2.4GHz entry-level radio system for aircraft, boats, cars, quads, trucks and trains

Product Description

RadioLink may well be a name that’s new to you but, rest assured, the protocol and the system’s bulletproof reliability is anything but. 10 years on the market and with an exponentially growing core of satisfied users this is a radio system that you’ll not only love for its features and flexibility but one you’ll grow to adore for its comfort, ease of use and solid dependability. And we haven’t even mentioned the price yet! With a range of transmitters covering everything from beginner to expert, standard features that’ll raise an enlightened eyebrow and receiver prices that’ll have you reaching for your wallet, RadioLink has been radio modelling’s the best kept secret of recent times… but not anymore!

Take this T8FB, 2.4GHz, 8-channel, entry level transmitter. Equipped with FHSS frequency-hopping spread spectrum protocol that offers a superior transmission rate, enhanced interference rejection and a secure full range capability, you’ll look at the specification, fall in love with the feel and begin to wonder why you really need anything more. Perfect for all R/C disciplines from aircraft to quadcopters, through boats, cars and even trucks and locomotives, this is one transmitter that won’t be collecting dust. Take a look at the full feature-set and make special note of its low power consumption, ease of use, wireless trainer link capability (optional R8FM module required) and, crucially, the fact that it’s supplied with two R8EF 8-channel receivers. Crikey!



What's in the Box

  • 1x T8FB 2.4GHz 8-channel transmitter.
  • 2x R8EF 8-channel receivers.
  • 1x Throttle stick spring retainer.
  • 1x USB (standard) to USB (micro) lead.

Needed to Complete

  • 4 x AA-size batteries for transmitter.
  • Transmitter Technical Specifications

    Weights & Dimensions

    Weight 470g 16.58oz
    Shipping Weight 0.75kg 1.66lbs

    Product Height 206mm 8.11in
    Product Length 173mm 6.81in
    Channels 8
    Radio Protocol RL-Basic
    Model Memory 1
    Colour Silver
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM band (2400MHz to 2483.5MHz
  • Modulation mode: QPSK
  • Channel bandwidth: 400KHz
  • Channel pacing: 1200KHz spread spectrum FHSS
  • Transmitter power:<100mW (20dbm)
  • Sensitivity: -104dbm speed rate 38kbps
  • PWM output: 1.0ms - 2.0ms
  • section precision: 2048, 0.5us per section
  • Cycles: 15ms/per frame
  • Operating voltage: 7.4v - 15.0v
  • Operating current: 80mA @ 12v
  • Control distance: up to 500 meters ground and 1000 meters air, the actual control distance depends on flying environment
  • Channels: 8 channels, 5-8 channels are customised
  • Receiver R8EF operating voltage: 4.8v - 10v
  • Receiver R8EF operating current: <30mA
  • Receiver R8EF size: 48.5 x 21 x 11mm
  • Supports receivers: R8EF, R8FM, R4FG, R4F
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